My name is Mark Wilson and I am a professional photographer based in Norfolk trading through my own company, Applewood Studios. Prior to setting up Applewood Studios I was a Programme Manager, specialising in data management solutions.

I live in the UK, in North Norfolk with my wonderful wife Vanessa and some neurotic chickens.

After 10 years of moving homes for our careers, we decided in 2010 to live somewhere we wanted and travel when needed for work, rather than travel to somewhere nice every weekend. I also got offered a job back doing data management stuff, which I accepted - the plan is that this will enable me to focus on the photography work I am passionate about.

We moved from Northamptonshire to Norfolk in early 2011.

I have been interested in birds and wildlife since I was very young. I am lucky and very grateful that my parents shared and encouraged this love of the outdoors, helping me grow that early interest into something more. I was also fascinated by my father's darkroom; the smell of chemicals and that odd red light are some of my earliest memories of winter evenings at home. This naturally led me to develop an interest in cameras and photography, learning the basics with a manual SLR when I was in my early teens.

The technical revelation of Canon EOS cameras first arrived in my life in the early 1990s, although it was a switch to digital with the new millenia that really fueled my passion for photography. After a dalliance with Nikon Coolpix, I went back to Canon and their digital SLR cameras.

I have spent the past few years combining my love of birds, wildlife and the outdoors with my passion for photography; always looking for a moment of fleeting light or defining action to translate into an image; always enjoying just being there.