Tagging or keywording your images is useful for you to find your own images on your PC and to help other people find them when posted to Flickr, Smugmug etc.

Not to mention the importance of keywords in stock image libraries.

I started off building my own bird species keyword lists within Lightroom to allow me to create a consistent avian image library.

This meant looking up and adding new English and scientific names to my library, with family information, each time I photographed a new species.

Whilst this was not a huge chore, I quickly realised that I was not following any kind of standard. So I decided to create a couple of standard sets of keywords for UK and USA species.

Which I decided to share.

Hopefully other people will find these useful too.

I post these libraries as-is, with no warranty, free to download and use. Please use a link back to my website if you wish to share them with anyone else.

Libraries available:

    - British Birds List (with or without families)
    - USA Birds List (with or without families)
    - Western Palearctic Birds List (with or without families and with Italian language)
    - European Mammals (with families)
    - European Amphibians (with families)
    - UK Butterflies (with families)
    - UK Dragonflies (with families)

These are available for the following software: