Bridge only allows one value per keyword (Lightroom allows multiple), so I added the scientific names as a separate 'structure'.

OK, so it doesn't automatically add the scientific name when you add the English name, but at least you don't have to type it in!

You just have to tick the two boxes - one for the English name, one for the scientific.

Just think of it as education when you are looking up the correct scientific name in your field guide...


Its pretty easy to add a keyword library to Adobe Bridge.

Open the Keyword panel, then the panel's menu and select 'Import...'.

Navigate to and select the keyword file and press 'Open'.

The keyword library will then magically appear in the panel!


Below are the download links for my currently available keyword libraries for Adobe Bridge. These have been tested on Bridge CS3 and CS4.

I recommend that you only install one of these libraries in Bridge - installing more than one will introduce duplicate keywords. Whilst this will not cause any problems, it may lead to inconsistent keyword data across your images.

British Birds

North American Birds