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Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta

Its that time again - I can't believe it is more than 2 years since the Lightroom 3 Beta and exactly 6 since the very first Lightroom beta!

Rather than repeat myself and others, here are some of my favourite resources:

My first thoughts are here:

Adobe's Tom Hogarty announced it here:

You can get the beta from here:

I'll be mainly discussing the beta on this Wildphotoforum thread:


Victoria Brampton has a new version of her excellent keyboard shortcuts here:

Adobe have posted a list of resources here:


Its early here in the UK, so I'm going back to bed!

Enjoy :-)



Adobe Carousel


Adobe announced a new product today at Photoshop World - Adobe Carousel.

So, what is it?

Adobe describe it as seamless access to your image collection whether you’re on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. It shares both your images and any adjustments you have made. The best bit is the adjustments are non-destructive, just like when you are working in ACR or Lightroom.

Key features:

  • Simple library browser
  • Drag an drop photos to add to Adobe Carousel
  • Single click, non-destructuve editing with slider based refinement (similar to ACR and Lightroom)
  • Application looks the same on desktop and iPad
  • Add photos direct from your iPhone
  • Share a Carousel with other people and all can see, edit and add photos

Key information:

  • Supported platforms/devices: iPhone 3GS and 4, iPad 1 and 2, iPod Touch 4G and Mac OS X 10.7 (Windows support scheduled for early 2012)
  • Import as many photos as you want
  • Install Adobe Carousel on as many devices as you like
  • 30 day free trial available
  • Introductory price of $5.99/month or $59.99/year (offer ends 31 Jan 2012)

I'll add more information as it becomes available.


Adobe product page is now available: blog post on Adobe Carousel

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Macworld article:



Dust bunnies


Working up an image this evening and decided it was time to clean the sensor on my trusty old Canon 1D mkIIN.

All those white circles are the 'worst' dust bunnies (spots)...there are still a few left...



Photo subject - full lunar eclipse 15 June 2011

Wondering what to photograph this week?

Time to brush up on your lunar techniques because the longest lunar eclipse in 11 years should be visible in the UK on

Click to read more ...


Adobe Lightroom 3 performance tips

Adobe have posted some official words on how you can get the best performance with Lightroom based upon your computer specifications and set-up.