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Photo trip - quick update

Nick and I are having a great time. We spent Thursday evening and Friday morning in Yorkshire, with the weather giving us some good opportunities with Red Grouse and Golden Plover. We then spent Friday driving North to Lochaline in Scotland to get

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Randy rare parrot

I missed this earlier in the year...

This is one of the funniest, if not finest, moments in nature TV.

(via Steve Blain)



Travel preparations

When did we start needing to pack an electrical multi-plug on a 2 week trip?

This thought dawned on me as I was casually filling a box of stuff that doesn't go in one of the two camera bags I have packed (I am trying to travel light...).

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All change at

I have finally got round to moving the website to a new platform. The last incarnation of rusticolus images grew more than I intended and the maintenance became so much of a burdon that I stopped adding content!

Hopefully this move will make updating easier, so I will add more images to the galleries and I always tend to post more to the blog after a change! I have also added a Facebook page to promote more participation and community - so please have a look and Like the page :)

I have imported all the old blog posts with comments and switched off the blogger site. All I have to do is wait for the interwebs to update themselves with the new website address information (DNS records).

I'll tweet and post on Facebook when the DNS change seems complete.



Lightroom 3.4 and ACR 6.4 released

Adobe released Lightroom 3.4 and ACR 6.4 today. Highlights include:

  • Support for 13 new camera models
  • 30 new lens profiles
  • 3 additional cameras supported for tethering
  • A bunch of bug fixes.

Read more here and download from here.